100 Mile House

or..  161 Kilometre House

We have all heard of the 100 mile diet.  Why not the 100 mile house

We have some of the best and most sustainable forestry practices in the world right here in Bancroft and Haliburton county, so why not use the wood that is cut right here!!!

Buying wood and building materials that has been generated from a 100 mile radius from your home or cottage not only makes sense environmentally but it also makes economic sense on a local level.  Buying wood locally supports the community and the people that work, live and play here. 

The forest industry in the Bancroft and Haliburton areas is a major economic driver. 
By investing in wood which is produced in Ontario, or better yet from the Bancroft and Haliburton area you are investing into the livelihood and prosperity of the community.
Here are some facts about the importance of the forest industry provincially and regionally:

  • Forestry is the single largest contributor to Ontario’s balance of trade after the auto sector
  • Provides 5000 direct area jobs, further 2300 indirect jobs and 3200 jobs throughout the rest of Ontario.
  • The value of capital employed by the industry is $1.4 billion.  Forest Industry has invested over $200 million into the region.

Again, why buy wood that is being shipped from distances as far as China?    We have wood building products for your house or cottage here in Bancroft and Haliburton that come from sustainable, carbon-friendly forest operations.

Check out these locations where local wood is sold: