Clearcut System

The clearcutting system is normally used when managing for light-demanding species such as poplar, white birch and red pine. This management system allows for the removal of all merchantable trees from a mature forest at one time and is usually done in patches or strips. Regeneration comes naturally from seed present on the forest floor or sprouts from the cut stumps and/or roots or may be supplemented by planting tree seedlings. The size of the cut patches or strips, their frequency, distribution and their patterns are controlled to meet a range of resource management objectives such as species composition, wildlife habitat, aesthetics and site protection.

Specific trees (species, size, quality, quantity, location) can be strategically retained within the harvested areas to provide additional regeneration options as well to provide for both species and structural diversity of the future stand. These residual trees also serve valuable wildlife functions such as providing food, cover and cavities.